Come change the way hardware gets made

Disruptive, amazing hardware innovation is no longer confined to the R&D labs of large brands. Advances in electronics and rapid prototyping are enabling magical new products to take shape in small, agile workshops and startups across the world.

This transformation comes with a new set of opportunities and challenges for how products are bought and sold; How can waiting several months for a pre-ordered product to arrive not suck? In fact, how could this waiting time be made an awesome experience? What if passionate and engaged buyers could take part in product development? How could communities of buyers and fans take shape around products and product creators?

Our team at ShopLocket, strengthened by a new partnership with PCH International, is working hard on answering questions like these. Our goal is to build an awesome e-commerce, community and knowledge destination for independent product makers and buyers.


Interested in hardware hacking?


We're building out a new office that will have plenty of room for you to hack on your own hardware side projects!

Current Openings

If our mission sounds fascinating to you, why not join us and contribute your energy, insights and passion. We’re currently looking for the following skillsets:


JavaScript developer

Lead the front-end development across ShopLocket Toronto

You'll be responsible for leading development of our embeddable ecommerce checkout and front-end development across the product.


  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript; experience with third-party JavaScript and Angular.js is ideal.
  • Experience with at least one JavaScript framework like Backbone, Ember, or preferably Angular.JS.
  • Some experience with developing JavaScript that runs on third-party sites.
  • Enough of an eye for design that your work doesn't look like a PHP app circa 1998.
  • Comfort with CSS/SASS and HTML, and building interface components

Full-stack developer

Build ShopLocket features both on server and client side Toronto

You'll be responsible for new feature development, API development, and managing third-party integrations


  • Solid knowledge of Ruby, Rails, AWS (and VPS providers).
  • Familiarity with TDD and RSpec.
  • Experience with HTML(5), CSS(3), SASS/SCSS (enough to code a solid V1 of a feature).
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL.
  • Additional things we'd love you to have experince with: billing systems / ecommerce platforms (we <3 Stripe).
  • An understanding of modern analytics systems such as Mixpanel and NewRelic.

UX specialist

Design the experience of buying, as well as all the experiences for ShopLocket users Toronto

We want to improve the relationship and interactions between buyers and sellers. You'd be leading the visioning on this as well as developing the experiences for other aspects of our product


  • A track record of designing and prototyping delightful user experiences.
  • A good understanding of current web trends, especially mobile.
  • A thoughtful, data-driven and human-centric approach to design
  • Experience building wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes.
  • Enough comfort in HTML/CSS/JS to produce prototypes and first versions.

Some of the fuzzier skills you should have

In exchange for your passion and skills, we offer

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