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We’re excited to announce that Shoplocket will be joining PCH International to help fuel the hardware revolution!

It has been a busy few weeks here at ShopLocket and today we are very excited to announce that Shoplocket has been acquired by PCH International!

It’s rare to find another organization that shares your exact vision for the future of the industry. It’s even more rare to find one that appreciates your work, recognizes your potential, and wants to give you the resources to make your vision a reality. We feel incredibly lucky to say that in PCH founder and CEO Liam Casey and the entire PCH team we know we have found the perfect partners. We can’t wait to embark on the next phase of our journey together. Through our shared vision, we will be expanding the ShopLocket platform and creating a global community dedicated to supporting the hardware revolution.

We’re joining an organization that is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. PCH is behind some of the most innovative hardware products in the world and over the coming months not only will you see the ShopLocket platform grow, but we plan to bring you more behind the scenes content covering the world’s most disruptive products.

To all our customers, thank you for trusting ShopLocket to take pre-orders and sell your products over the past two years. It’s been an absolute pleasure serving you, and we’re just getting started. ShopLocket will not be shutting down, quite the opposite, we are excited to grow our team both in Toronto and San Francisco — extending our product offering and continuing to build products that make your life as a creator better.

To everyone else that has supported us at every stage of our journey, from our partners, to our investors, our accelerator, friends, family, and the entire startup community both in Toronto and globally — we owe it all to you. Thank you for making these past two years the experience of a life time.

Here’s to the next phase of the journey and to making a world where passion truly is the only barrier to bringing a product to life.

Katherine, Andrew and the ShopLocket team


Our story

ShopLocket was founded in late 2011 by Katherine Hague and Andrew Louis. What started as a simple way to sell from any website quickly grew into something so much bigger. ShopLocket today is a platform that helps entrepreneurs bring their products to life and into the hands of their consumers. We do this through our flexible pre-order solution, shopping cart, and customer management tools. We are also committed to capturing and sharing the entrepreneurial journey through ShopLocket Stories, conversations with hardware CEOs about their journeys as founders, and through launch resources developed in collaboration with some of the most innovative product creators of our time.

ShopLocket today has become more than a product, it is a community hub for some of the most creative minds in the world. We build tools for the next generation of crowdfunding alumni, hardware hackers, and product designers and are committed to their success. We love what we do and truly believe we have the coolest customers in the world.


Katherine Hague

CEO / Co-Founder

Andrew Louis

CTO / Co-Founder

Rajen Sanghvi

Chief Operating Officer - Toronto

Dan Kalmar

Marketing Project Manager

Rachel Ma

Creative Director

Gwen Elliot

Community and Events

Shawn Allison

Front-end Developer

Lukas Thoms

Director of Retail

Clare O'Mahony


Marina Baham

Customer Experience Specialist

PCH International

Our new family

PCH was founded in Cork, Ireland, by CEO Liam Casey in 1996. Today the company headquarters are located in Cork while operational headquarters are in Shenzhen, South China with a US headquarters in San Francisco.

PCH is the partner behind-the-scenes responsible for some of the most successful consumer electronics accessories ever launched. PCH is the enabler, turning an idea into a physical product in the hands of a consumer while optimizing quality, cost, and time-to-market for our clients.

PCH is committed to investing in early stage hardware. While its customers are located all over the world, they range from the technology giants of Silicon Valley to smaller startup companies. In 2013 PCH launched the HWY1 incubator program for early hardware startups. It focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, with the vision of mentoring and assisting hardware makers to build first-class companies — from idea to prototype. Furthering the HWY1 program PCH offers the PCH Accelerator program a later stage program designed to assist start-up companies in moving from prototype to manufactured product.

PCH’s services span the entire supply chain including product development, sourcing and manufacturing, inventory management and postponement, packaging and fulfillment and retail distribution services. ShopLocket’s addition to the PCH family helps complete the PCH end-to-end solution, adding ecommerce to the company’s impressive repertoire and helping get the world’s most innovative products into the hands of visionary buyers faster and better than ever before.


Cork, Ireland


Shenzen, China

Operational Headquarters

San Francisco, USA


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Frequently Asked Questions

As we join PCH International, it’s a special day for us here at ShopLocket; one that wouldn’t have been possible without our customers. Over the last two years, you’ve supported us, inspired us, and challenged us to be better. We truly appreciate everything you’ve done in building upon our vision for the future of e-commerce and the hardware revolution.

You’ve trusted us to manage your online sales and your initial interactions with your clients. We take pride in our responsibility as the customer facing layer of each of your businesses, and it’s something we take very seriously. As a result, I thought you may have some questions and wanted to let you know what our new partnership with PCH will mean for you.

In a nutshell, there’s nothing negatively impacting you as a seller on ShopLocket. We’re growing and can’t wait to continue building more product!

Is ShopLocket shutting down? How will the acquisition impact product development on ShopLocket going forward?

ShopLocket will not be shutting down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite — we will be continuing on our journey and will have more resources to build out the product into the best tool possible for our customers. Joining the PCH family means that we’re going to be going after our original vision, only with far more resources and talent. With this partnership, we’re going to be expanding our team and for you, that will mean a better product with more features.

Are there going to be any changes to my ShopLocket account, username, or password that I need to be aware of?

No, there are no changes to your account, your username, or your password. You will be able to log in to your existing ShopLocket account with the same account details you’ve been using.

Is my pricing going to change?

For all existing customers, rest assured that there will be no changes to your pricing. Should we ever choose to change our pricing model, all customers would be grandfathered in based on the current structure.

Can I still use ShopLocket even though I’m not selling a hardware product?

Yes, absolutely. We will continue working with product designers and creative entrepreneurs in various industries looking to use ShopLocket to sell their products online. A lot of the features and resources we’ll be building will be with hardware makers in mind, but other sellers will still be able to use ShopLocket.

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