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The ecommerce solution for hardware makers.

ShopLocket is the fastest way to take payment information and charge later.

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Entrepreneurs & Makers

Don’t lock your website into an ecommerce solution. We let you start accepting orders professionally in minutes, yes minutes. Pre-order? Buy now? A full catalog and shopping cart? We’ve got you covered.

Developers & Agencies

Never re-build a website for an ecommerce platform again. ShopLocket works within any design.

Shoplocket grows with you.

We’ll take you from pre-orders to a full shopping cart.


Happy customers.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the ShopLocket team on two different projects - HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code National "Learn to Code" Day. They’ve built an awesome platform that helps me easily take registrations and event orders, all while beautifully integrating into my website. I really care about the UX/UI of my websites, and their one-click checkout is one of the biggest reasons I love using ShopLocket.

Heather Payne Co-Founder, Ladies Learning Code
  • Success: Increased conversions on registration by switching off a traditional registration system and integrating ShopLocket's seamless on-screen checkouts

I love ShopLocket because my customers do. With a simple pre-sales order experience, it’s really helped us sustain our momentum after our Kickstarter campaign ended.

Lisa Q. Fetterman Co-Founder and CEO, Nomiku
  • $586,061 raised on Kickstarter
  • 1,880 backers
  • Success: Switched from a storefront solution and uses ShopLocket for collecting pre-orders

The most important thing about crowdfunding is not the funding, but the dialogue it enables with the crowd. When our campaign ended, ShopLocket enabled us to deeply connect with, and dramatically grow, our community of supporters. The result of which is a better product for our customers and strong pre-sales to help grow the company.

Yashar Behzadi Co-Founder and CEO, popSLATE
  • $219,536 raised on Indiegogo
  • 1,533 backers
  • Success: Engaged, grew, and converted Indiegogo supporters into pre-order customers

Shoplocket is the best platform for accepting pre-orders and launching your product. If you're crowdfunding or launching a product, use ShopLocket. It's simple, developer friendly and their support is awesome.

Karl Martin co-founder and CEO, Bionym
  • Success: Took over 4,000 pre-orders and raised over $400K within the first 2 weeks of launching on ShopLocket.
  • See how Bionym uses ShopLocket here:

"I’m in the middle of my crowdfunding campaign and need a plan to capture demand for when my campaign ends. I’m also really busy and don’t want to worry about changing up my website. I need a simple and elegant way to take pre-orders...get me ShopLocket!"

Maybe you? Hardware Hacker, Entrepreneur
  • Campaign currently in progress
  • 750 backers and growing daily
  • Success: Forward thinking crowdfunding entrepreneur converts campaign momentum into paying customers

Flexible and powerful


Powerful tools for hardware makers to bring their products to life

ShopLocket is packed with all the ecommerce functionality you need to power your business at every stage of growth.

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